Sports Massage

Reducing your risk of muscle

strains and imbalances

At RPM (Recover, Prepare and Maintain) the purpose of a sports massage is to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue.

Regular massage can break down any minor injuries and adhesions that may occur due to the over use of the muscle. It will also help any little niggles that often get in the way of your performance or achievement, whether you are an active athlete or a regular dog walker.

Melanie at RPM can tailor the treatment, therefore it is not just for sports people.

Anyone can benefit from a sports massage, it’s all about the techniques used. A sports massage is deeper and intense. Melanie also uses Muscles Energy Techniques (MET’s), Myofascial Release, trigger points & Taping/strapping to aid your recovery.

A treatment with Melanie will include a full consultation and evaluation of your condition and if you have any injuries, she will then look at the best course of treatment for you. This could include stretching and special test, to massage and MET’s, Myofascial Release and Trigger points. You will finish the session with a relevant aftercare package.

Treatment Types

Maintenance Massage

Event Massage


"I found the massage an enjoyable and positive experience and Mel was really professional! I liked the way Mel asked about pressure during the massage. It made me feel more in control and involved. I would certainly recommend RPM Massage Therapy and look forward to the next session."

– Gill

"I felt great after Monday really loose and relaxed and still do. I slept great and didn't have any bruises. I can't think of any way you could improve at all! The room, the heat, the lighting, the treatment, the water after everything was perfect!"

– Amy

“After the massage I felt warm, cosy and relaxed. I slept very well that night, I felt less stiff & re-energised - a good sense of well being. Mel was professional & informative throughout the treatment. I liked how Mel explained what and why she was doing different techniques,educating me about injury prevention. I would highly recommend RPM Massage Therapy as I feel Mel has the ability to devise a massage to benefit each individual, whether it's sports related, bad posture or just the old aches & pains.“

– Julie

About Melanie


Melanie is trained to level 4 in Sport Massage Therapy and is also a member of the Sports Therapy Organisations (STO) and Sports Therapy Association (STA), enabling her to keeps in touch with the latest techniques, what is happening within the industry, retain insurance and be represented.

It is always important to check out your therapist to ensure a) they are trained to carry out the treatment they are doing, working within their limitations b) they are insurance c) if they are registered with any massage therapy organisation, if you are unsure call the organisation or the therapist for clarification.   


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