“I found the massage an enjoyable and positive experience and Mel was really professional! I liked the way Mel asked about pressure during the massage. It made me feel more in control and involved. I would certainly recommend RPM Massage Therapy and look forward to the next session.”

– Gill   


“After the massage I felt warm, cosy and relaxed. I slept very well that night, I felt less stiff & re-energised – a good sense of well being. Mel was professional & informative throughout the treatment. I liked how Mel explained what and why she was doing different techniques, educating me about injury prevention.

I would highly recommend RPM Massage Therapy as I feel Mel has the ability to devise a massage to benefit each individual, whether it’s sports related, bad posture or just the old aches & pains.”

– Julie 

“I was incredibly impressed. I’ve had several sports massages over the years and RPM Massage Therapy was of the same high standard. From the room itself to the methods used. I particularly like the little touches provided, Mel’s attire, cold water, sweets and the way Mel explained everything in straight forward terms.

The massage itself was spot on, Mel regularly asked about the pressure and altered when she could see that I was uncomfortable, I should stop trying to brave it out! Mel highlighted areas of weakness and suggested ways to help loosen off those areas. Overall, very impressed.”

– Sarah



“I felt great after Monday really loose and relaxed and still do. I slept great and didn’t have any bruises. I can’t think of any way you could improve at all! The room, the heat, the lighting, the treatment, the water after everything was perfect!”

– Amy

“I have arthritis in both hips and knees which at times prevents me from participating in running and cycling. Over the years my medication has progressively increased to cope with the pain which leads to other side effects. However, since attending regular sessions with Mel at RPM Massage Therapy, I have seen a dramatic change and I can see the benefits from it immediately.

The outcome of my treatments have led to a reduction in my pain relief. I have improved not only my speed but distance too with both my running and cycling. I’m injury free and in minimal pain, my quality of life has improved so much and I’m now achieving the goals I used to dream about.

I cannot recommend Mel (RPM) enough she offers a professional service at a good value and benefits you can see and feel.”

– Gary

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